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Georges Bizet

Georges Bizet

Carmen  Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège  18-12-2010
Georges Bizet
Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège
Carmen  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  31-05-2014
Georges Bizet
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
Carmen  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  08-05-2015
Georges Bizet
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova

George Bizet's life

Georges Bizet was born in Paris in 1838 as an only child in a family of musicians. His most remarkable early works are orchestral compositions where it's easy to trace the core of his following and most popular works. In 1857 he moved to Rome where he started suffering from depression, doubting his own artistic value. His time in Italy is supported by the scholarship he had won with the Prix de Rome.
In 1860 he moves back to Paris where he encounters several years of struggle. He composes a new series of operas which don't receive praise by the critics. In 1872 he publishes Djamileh, which doesn't receive good reviews. Accusations of Wagnerism are often laid against him. He then concentrates on a libretto written by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic HalévyCarmen. This turns out to be the piece where the author confirmes his artistic maturity, although the public's reaction is lukewarm and Bizet soon becomes convinced of his failure as an artist. He dies in 1875 from a heart attack.
His artistic value is praised only after his death, when it is clear he has brought on stage the psychological realism of Stendhal, Balzac and MérimééCarmen is soon targeted as the forerunner opera of verism, the protagonist of European literature of the age. Very soon, the author who had small rewards during his life, is starting to be praised. Even competing with fascinating Wagner, Bizet's music is an influence for Ciaikovski, Chabrier, Mascagni, Leoncavallo and, most of all, Puccini.

Bizet's Operas

La Maison du Docteur, Le Docteur Miracle (1857), Don Procopio (1906), Ivan IV (1946), Les Pêcheurs de perles (1863), La Jolie fille de Perth (1867), Djamileh (1872), L'Arlésienne (1872) Don Rodrigue (incompiuta), Carmen (1875).


Bizet's Carmen

Acis and Galatea is a mythological-pastoral masque composed in 1718 for the Count of Carnarvon, who after became Duke of Chandos, where Händel worked at the beautiful abode in Cannons, not far from London, after the King's Theatre was closed. Here, the Count lived like a prince, surrounded by hundreds of Swiss Guards, showing off his wealth and entertaining himself with the arts. In Cannons, Händel composed important operas: the famous Anthems, the first version of the oratory Esther and Acis and Galatea.
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