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Jacky O.

Jacky O.

The Camber Opera Jackie O, wirtten by the composer Michael Daugherty tells the story of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, called Jackie O by the gossip magazines after she married the Greek ship owner Aristotele Onassis, in 1968, was an icon of elegance and charm throughout the second half of the Twentieth Century. Famous is the joke by John Kennedy, who, after his first trip to France as President of the United States, said: “ I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris, and I have enjoyed it!”. She was friends with the most famous fashion designers, from Oleg Cassini to Valentino and she revolutionized the social life at the White House with parties and music events, inviting many famous people of the show and art business. As Onassis' wife, she was the queen of the Island of Skorpio, owned by the multi-millionaire, attending all the most popular events. When Onassis died (1975), she moved back to New York and worked for some art magazines. She died at only 65, in 1994, and was buried next to her husband at Arlington National Cemetery.

Sinossi Jacky O.

The Happening. It's 1968, five years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There's a party at Andy Warhol's Factory in New York City. All the most famous celebrities and hollywood stars are attending the happening, Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly are discussing their life under the spotlight. But there's someone missing in that scene: Jackie Kennedy has been mourning JFK's death and she has not been seen to all the usual celebrities events. But the phone rings: it's her, coming back on the scene that very night, she's about to arrive at the party. When she arrives, she meets Andy Warhol and he paints her portrait. The portrait turns into a Dancing Jackie ballerina, whom the real Jackie commands to dance. Then Aristotle Onassis, one of the world's richest playboys, arrives at the party with opera diva Maria Callas. The two argue and he ends up breaking up with her then introduces himself to Jackie. He invites her to leave the party and go to see a new art-house movie, I Am Curious (Yellow). She is unsure at first but when the phone rings, bringing the news of another assassination, she accepts Aristotle's offer and, on his arm, leaves the party for the island of Skorpios to marry him.

One year later, Aristotele and Jackie are on the yacht, moored at the island of Skorpios. Jackie is reading and Aristotele is drinking with his friends, singing drinking songs. He offers Jackie a drink but she refuses showing how their marriage is falling apart. Jackie is lost in contemplation, she thinks about JFK, her past life, the lost promise. The phone rings and it is Maria Callas, who tells Aristotele of her career troubles. They plan a rendezvous at the lido. After Aristotele hangs up, the phone on the yacht rings again and Aristotele is told a tragic news: his son has been killed in an accident. Dreaming of a new life, Jackie sleepwalks onto the island; Maria Callas is at her side, and the two sing of their pain and their eternal flames. At the end of their duet, they embrace, reconciled at last. The Paparazzi, who has been following Jackie all the time, bursts onto the island, and tries to take pictures. Maria is happy to be photographed but Jackie orders her to destroy the camera. Maria obeys and by doing so, she frees Jackie from the spell. Maria Callas wishes her well, and leaves the island while Jackie makes a phone call to JFK, who asks to be forgiven for the suffering he has caused. Together they dream of what life might have been. Feeling stronger after hearing the voice of her beloved, she decides to return to America to her children and to a new life.

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