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Il ragazzo del risció

Il ragazzo del risció

Il ragazzo del risció  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  30-09-2015
Guo Wenjing
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
Rickshaw boy is one of the most recent operas by Guo Wenjing, and its story is taken from the novel with the same name written by Lao She, which became a classical example of contemporary Chinese literature. The history of European dramatic opera with typical oriental sounds magnificently defines Guo Wenjing's music. This opera was first presented on 6 th of June 2014 in Beijing, and it managed to get across half a century of history, creating a strong bond between the writer Lao She and the composer. In order to offer a show at the same heights of the story, many experts have collaborated to the project such as the playwright Xu Ying, the director and set designer Yi Liming and many more. In Italy it was performed on the stages of Teatro Regio in Turin, the Carlo Felice of Genoa and the Teatro dell'Opera in Florence.

Synopsis Il ragazzo del risció

Beijing, beginning of XX century. The young Xiangzi dreams about buying a rickshaw and start working for himself, for he hates working for the businesses man Siye, whose daughter Huniu, has asked the boy out and has tried to seduce him. Distressed and shocked by the event, the boy leaves his job and seeks help from a family of intellectuals who treats him with respect. He keeps dreaming about his own rickshaw but when news of Huniu being pregnant reach him, he can't do anything else than marrying her, despite the father's protests. As soon as they get married, the rich father leaves the couple and disappears. They live in an ugly flat and Huniu spends her time doing nothing and complaining about the husband, who's trying his best to make a living. Their neighbour Erquiangzi, a rickshaw driver himself, is thinking about turning his own daughter Xiaofuzi into a prostitute to make some money. Huniu dies and the boy gets closer to Xiaofuzi and asks her to wait for him, he will find the way to make some money and get her out of that misery. But the girl gives up and commits suicide, leaving Xiangzi with nothing else again. Defeated once again, he surrenders to a life of alcohol and gambling.

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