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Il barbiere di Siviglia

Il barbiere di Siviglia

Il barbiere di Siviglia  Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège  03-11-2011
Gioachino Rossini
Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège
Il barbiere di Siviglia  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  14-06-2014
Gioachino Rossini
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
Il barbiere di Siviglia  Parma OperArt  02-07-2014
Gioachino Rossini
Parma OperArt
Gioachino Rossini's Opera Il Barbiere di Siviglia shows the new social reality following the French Revolution more than Giovanni Paisiello's work, of the same name, ever did; although it was composed on the same subject, taken from a drama pièce by Beaumarchais. By affirming the bourgeois spirit, we witness to a sort of redemption from the aristocratic world which was about to end. The farces are matched with a playful music; the characters, represented by puppets, are chained together by a rhythmic force which places them on a musical path so rich to hypnotize the public. However, Gioachino Rossini gives a new life to the characters, which frees them from the larmoyant style close to Paisiello, and psyches them up with a lively and dynamic spur, reflecting the emerging bourgeois society: lively and aggressive. Starts here a more realistic psychology approach of dealing with funny situations, which has determined the innovative component of this eternal work in which Rossini moves the aesthetic of belcanto within the comical and animated action.

Synopsis Il barbiere di Siviglia

In the doctor Bartolo’s house in Seville, Count Almaviva comes in disguise to serenade Rosina. Don Bartolo keeps her confined to the house, and Almaviva decides to wait until daylight. The barber Figaro arrives and explains him that Rosina is Don Bartolo’s ward, not his daughter, and that he wants to marry her. Figaro comes out with a plan: the Count Almaviva will pretend to be a drunken soldier who’s staying at Don Bartolo’s house to gain access to the girl. Rosina reflects on the mysterious voice she has heard outside her window and decides to to meet the man who’s sung, whom she thinks is a poor student named Lindoro. Don Bartolo arrives with Don Basilio, Rosina’s music master, who warns the doctor that Almaviva is Rosina’s admirer and he has been seen in Seville. Don Bartolo decides to marry Rosina immediately. Basilio suggests slander as the most effective means of getting rid of the pretender. Figaro, who has overheard the plot, warns Rosina and promises to deliver a note from her to Lindoro. Don Bartolo tries to prove that Rosina has written a letter, but the girl defies him. Count Almaviva arrives disguised as a drunken soldier, and passes a secret note to Rosina. Figaro announces that a crowd has gathered in the street, attracted by all the noise coming from inside the house. The civil guard bursts in to arrest Count Almaviva but when he reveals his true identity to the captain he is immediately released.

Famous Arias

Ecco ridente in cielo, Count Almaviva's Cavatina

Largo al factotum, Figaro's Cavatina

Una voce poco fa, Rosina's Cavatina

Dunque io son... tu non m'inganni?, Duet between Rosina and Count Almaviva

Don Bartolo suspects that the soldier is instead a spy let in by Count Almaviva. The Count Almaviva arrives, this time disguised as a music teacher with the name of Don Alonso. He says Don Basilio is sick and offers to give Rosina a lesson in his place. He also tells Don Bartolo that he is staying at the same inn as the Count Almaviva and that he has found the letter from Rosina. He also offers to tell her that it was given to him by another woman, seemingly to prove that Lindoro is toying with Rosina on Count Almaviva’s behalf. Don Bartolo is therefore convinced that the so called Don Alonso is indeed a student of Don Basilio and he allows him to give Rosina her music lesson. When Don Bartolo leaves the two alone, they show each other their reciprocal love. Figaro arrives and grabs the key that opens the balcony shutters from Don Bartolo’s pocket. Suddenly Don Basilio arrives, looking perfectly healthy. The Count Almaviva, Rosina, and Figaro push some money in his hand and convince him that he is sick with scarlet fever, so he leaves. Count Almaviva plots with Rosina to elope that night while Don Bartolo gets his shave from Figaro. But the doctor realizes he has been tricked again. Don Basilio is called and told to bring a notary so Don Bartolo can marry Rosina that very evening. Don Bartolo then shows Rosina her letter to Lindoro. Heartbroken and convinced that she has been deceived, she agrees to marry Don Bartolo and tells him of the plan to elope with Lindoro-Count Almaviva. Figaro and the Count Almaviva climb over the wall. Rosina is furious until Count Almaviva reveals his real identity. Don Basilio arrives with the notary but with some more money, they convince him to be a witness to the marriage of Rosina and Count Almaviva. Don Bartolo arrives with soldiers, but it is too late, Count Almaviva explains to Don Bartolo that the marriage has already been celebrated and he can’t do anything else than accept his failure.

Famous Arias

Contro un cor che accende amore, Rosina's Aria

Ah! qual colpo inaspettato, Rosina, Figaro and Count Almaviva's Trio

Cessa di piú resistere, Count Almaviva's Aria

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