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Fedora  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  21-03-2015
Umberto Giordano
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
Fedora  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  24-03-2015
Umberto Giordano
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
Fedora is an Opera in three acts written by Umberto Giordanobased on the play Fédora by Victorien Sardou. The libretto was written by Arturo Colautti. When in 1889 Umberto Giordano saw Sardou's play in Naples, with the amazing Sarah Bernhardt (for whom the play was written) playing the protagonist, he immediately asked Sardou for permission to base an opera on the play but Sardou refused because of the composer's unpopularity at the time. Edoardo Sonzogno, Umberto Giordano's publisher asked Sardou again after the premiere of another work by the Italian composer, Regina Diaz, but Sardou demanded an excessive fee and it was only on the third attempt, and after Giordano's success with Andrea Chénier in 1896, that they reached an agreement. Fedora's first performance took place in Milan at the Teatro Lirico Internazionale, Gemma Bellincioni played the role of Fedora, and Enrico Caruso was Loris Ipanov. The opera had great success on its opening night, and was soon brought to the Vienna and then to Paris. Fedora received its US premiere in1906 at the New York Metropolitan Opera, with Enrico Caruso as Count Loris, Lina Cavalieri as Fedora, and Arturo Vigna conducting. The opera was performed many times between 1906 and 1908 and many more between 1923 and 1926. It was during the 1990s that this opera was brought back on the most important stages in Europe and USA.

Synopsis Fedora


St. Petersburg, 1881, the palace of Count Vladimir Andrejevich. Princess Fedora, who is about to marry the Count the next day, arrives singing her love for him. She doesn't know that the Count has betrayed her with another woman. At the sound of sleigh-bells, the Count is brought in deadly wounded. The doctors and a priest are called in and everyone is questioned to find out who'r responsible. Count Loris Ipanov, a suspected Nihilist sympathizer, is believed to be the murderer. The diplomat De Siriex and the police inspector Grech open an investigation. Fedora swears on the Byzantine cross she is wearing as a jewel that she will avenge the Count's death.

Famous Arias

O grandi occhi lucenti, Fedora's Aria

Su questa santa Croce, Fedora's Aria


Fedora has followed Loris Ipanov to Paris to take her revenge. She offers a reception at her house and Boleslao Lazinski, a popular pianist is playing for the guests. Ipanov arrives and declares his love for Fedora but when she tells him that she is going back to Russia the next day, he is desperate because due to the exile, he can't follow her. Then he confesses to be Count Vladimir's murderer. Fedora asks him to return after the reception is over to tell her the whole story and as soon as she is alone, she writes a letter to the chief of the Imperial Police in Russia informing him of the new discovery. Ipanov returns and explains that he killed the Count because he had discovered that he and his wife were lovers and had found them together on the night of the murder. The Count had shot him but only wounded while Ipanov's shot had killed the Count. Fedora realizes that she has fallen in love with Ipanov, that he had killed to defend his honour and they spend the night together..

Famous Arias

La donna russa, De Siriex's Aria

Il parigino, Olga's Aria

Amor ti vieta, Loris' Aria

Mia madre, la mia vecchia madre, Loris' Aria

Fedora io t'amo, Duet between Fedora and Loris


Fedora and Ipanov are lovers and living in her house in Switzerland. The Countess Olga Sukarev is with them. De Siriex arrives to invite Olga on a bicycle ride and he tells Fedora that as a result of the letter she had written to the police chief, Ipanov's brother, Valeriano, was arrested for being part of the plot to murder the Count. He had been imprisoned in a fortress on the Neva river but due to a flood the man had drowned. When Ipanov's mother had heard the news, she had collapsed and died. Fedora feels guilty for being the cause of two deaths. Ipanov receives a letter from a friend in Russia who tells him of the deaths of his mother and brother and that a woman who lives in Paris is responsible for the denounce. Fedora confesses to him that she had written the letter and begs his forgiveness. He initially refuses and curses her so Fedora drinks poison and Ipanov begs the doctor to save her. However, it is too late and she dies in his arms.

Famous Arias

Quel truce sgherro, De Siriex's Aria

Dio di giustizia Fedora's Aria

La montanina, Final

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