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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni  Royal Opera House  08-09-2008
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Royal Opera House
Don Giovanni  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  01-12-2012
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
Don Giovanni  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  06-01-2016
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
The character of Don Giovanni, the main character of one of the most famous Operas written by the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has always fascinated authors in the show business. In 1984, award winning movie, Amadeus, directed by Milos Forman, the character of the obsessive Salieri who persecutes Mozart, we believe is what in real life was in fact Mozart’s strict father, Leopold. Joseph Losey chooses to set his famous and dark opera-movie Don Giovanni (1979) in the Palladian villas of Veneto. On stage, we’ve seen it all: Don Giovanni using drugs, in high heels, as a infant, dangerous and border-line etc., so to prove that a myth is timeless and might not have a only one interpretation.

Synopsis Don Giovanni

It's dark and Don Giovanni has entered Donna Anna's room to seduce her, while Leporello, his servant, is outside, guarding. When Donna Anna screams for help, her father Il Commendatore, arrives holding the sword. Don Giovanni attacks and kills him, fleeing the scene. Don Ottavio, Donna Anna's fiancé, arrives and promises her he will take revenge of her loss. Down in the street, Don Giovanni is looking for new love adventures. He meets Donna Elvira, an old flame, but he leaves her with Leporello who walks her and tries to cheer her up telling her the many other women he has seduced before and after her. While Don Giovanni is out and about, he meets a group of peasants celebrating the wedding of two young lovers: Zerlina and Masetto. Don Giovanni quickly tries to seduce the newlywed girl but Donna Elvira helps her out. Don Ottavio and Donna Anna arrive, she has recognized the voice of Don Giovanni as the one of her attacker, responsible for her father's death. But the man manages to escape, while Leporello, following his master's order, has organized a party at his mansion, inviting the whole town. The peasants are already in Don Giovanni's garden. Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Don Ottavio arrive wearing masks. The dances begin and Don Giovanni takes advantage of the general confusion to have time alone with Zerlina, while Leporello is keeping Masetto busy. Zerlina screams for help and Don Giovanni is quick at blaming Leporello. Everybody now thinks Leporello is the deplorable seducer and Don Giovanni is free to flee once again.

Famous Arias

Notte e giorno faticar, Leporello's aria

Madamina, il catalogo è questo, Leporello's aria

Là ci darem la mano, duet between Don Giovanni and Zerlina

Fin ch'han dal vino, Don Giovanni's aria

Batti, batti, o bel Masetto, Zerlina's aria

Don Giovanni exchanges clothes with Leporello in order to seduce Donna Elvira's maid, pretending to be a servant too. But it is Donna Elvira who in fact comes at the window and Don Giovanni pretends to be still in love with her. The woman follows him down in the street and she mistakes him for Leporello, who's wearing Don Giovanni's clothes. The two walk away so Don Giovanni can keep calling out for the maid but he's found by Masetto, who has been looking for him to kill him. The peasant doesn't recognize him in Leporello's clothes and Don Giovanni attacks him and flees. Meanwhile Leporello and Donna Elvira have arrived at Donna Anna's home. When she and Don Ottavio arrive too, Leporello tries to run away but he is stopped by Zerlina and Masetto. Leporello reveals to be Don Giovanni's servant and manages to run away, reaching Don Giovanni where he's hiding. They are in a cemetery, the same one where there is a statue of Il Commendatore, the man Don Giovanni has killed. Mocking his death, Don Giovanni asks the statue to accept a dinner invitation at his mansion and, with their amaze, the statue comes to life and accept the invitation. At night, at his house, Don Giovanni has forgotten about the statue. He is having dinner, served by Leporello and entertained by a group of musicians. All of a sudden, there's a knock on the door. A particular guest has arrived: it is Il Commendatore' statue, coming to ask Don Giovanni to repent his acts. But Don Giovanni refuses so he is dragged in hell for eternity. When all the people finally reach the mansion to arrest Don Giovanni for his crime, Leporello explains how he has died.

Famous Arias

Deh, Vieni alla finestra, Don Giovanni's aria

Vedrai, carino, Zerlina's aria

Il mio tesoro, Don Ottavio's aria

In quali eccessi...Mi tradì quell'alma ingrata, Donna Elvira's aria

Crudele? Troppo mi spiace...Non mi dir, Donna Anna's aria

Don Giovanni, a cenar teco m'invitasti, Don Giovanni, Leporello e Commendatore's aria

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