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Alfonso und Estrella

Alfonso und Estrella

Alfonso und Estrella is the result of the tormented and intense collaboration between Franz Schubert and his friend and librettist Franz von Schober, to whom the musician was united by an obsessive and pervasive homosexual love, obviously prohibited at the time because considered improper. In fact, their love needed to be idealized and told through the fantastic story of Alfonso and Estrella, the noble princes whose pure love triumphs over everything and everyone, through the betrayal of the riotous general Adolfo, the two parents reciprocal dislike for each other, the legitimate and exiled Re Troila and the character of Mauregato, the usurper. It also tells about the twists of fate, which bring back harmony and serenity in the kingdom, like in a sort of refund City of Utopia. A case of Love becoming a productive muse for Art.

Synopsis Alfonso und Estrella

Troila spends his life being kind and generous to the people in the valley he lives. The peasants express their gratitude to this kind man. What they don't know is that Troila was once the King of Leon, overthrown by Mauregato his minister, and banned of the city. Alfonso, Troila's son, is bored and restless being confined in the valley. Troila tells him to be patient and gives him a golden chain, the Sacred Chain of Eurich, for protection. In Mauregato's palace, the king is having a hard time. After the victory over his enemies, he had promised Adolfo, his general, to ask anything he wished. Adolfo wants the hand of the beautiful Princess Estrella, Mauregato's daughter, despite her rejection. Adolfo asks Mauregato for help to convince the princess but the king refuses, saying that only the man who returns to him the Sacred Chain of Eurich, mysteriously disappeared, can marry the princess. Adolfo is furious and starts thinking about attacking the king to get his revenge.

Estrella goes hunting to the woods and gets lost. She meets Alfonso. They fall in love and Alfonso gives the princess the golden chain received from the father, asking her to promise to help him to re-conquer the throne. Adolfo encourages his group of soldiers to overthrow King Mauregato. King Mauregato is worried about Princess Estrella. When she eventually returns, the father recognizes the Chain of Eurich: the girl doesn't know the name of the stranger who's given it to her, but she talks about him with affection. In that very moment, Adolfo's revolt begins, Mauregato advises his supporters to flee, but they decide to stand by him, and fight Adolfo.

Mauregato's men are about to battle. Adolfo finds Estella, who's in the woods to help the father, and threatens her to kill her if she doesn't accept to marry him. But Alfonso and his huntsmen rescue Estrella and joins King Mauregato's forces ti fight Adolfo. Alfonso manages to defeat Adolfo while Mauregato, who has found himself at Troila's door in the woods, is overcome with guilt for usurping his throne. Troila, confronting the king, forgives him. Mauregato gives Princess Estrella's hand to Alfonso, who is named King of Leon by both Mauregato and Troila.

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