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Guo Wenjing

Guo Wenjing

Il ragazzo del risció  Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova  30-09-2015
Guo Wenjing
Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova

Guo Wenjing's life

Guo Wenjing was born in China in 1956, in Chongquing. In 1978 was one of the 100 students to be admitted at Beijing Conservatory, among 17.000 aspirants. He later ended up becoming head of the department of composition. Since 1983, with the first performance of Suspended Ancient Coffins on the Cliffs on Sichuan in Berkeley, California, his works have been played all over the world. He's one of the most appreciated composer, not only in his country but also abroad: music critics have compared him to Berg and Šostakovic for the dramatic intensity and strength of his music. His compositions have been performed in many theatres such as the Opera in Frankfurt, the Konzerthaus in Berlin, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and Lincoln Centre in New York. His symphonic compositions include concerts for violin, cello and arp, together with various collaboration for movie and T.V. series soundtracks.

Guo Wenjing's Operas

Wolf Cub Village (dopo chiamata Diary of a Madman)(1994), Poet Li Bai (2007), Il ragazzo del Risciò (Luòtuo Xiángzi 2008), Night Banquet, Mu Guiying, Hua Mulan, Feng Yi Ting.


Guo Wenjing's Il ragazzo del risció

Guo Wenjing has a long experience in the study of western traditional opera and with the Opera Rickshaw boy he ventures in the world of Beijing's Opera, of folkloric ballads, tales in dialect language accompanied by drums, sanxian (the Chinese lute), suona (a type of horn) and many other traditional Chinese instruments. Wenjing turns all the features and characteristics of today's Beijing such as the ancient buildings in Guxiang's streets, the fairs at the temple, the traditional peddlers and weddings and funerals, into a melody which tastes like the old city, represented on the stage with enchanting mastery.
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